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Autograph Lifestyle & Player 4 Player Unite To Support Players

Autograph Lifestyle & Player 4 Player Unite To Support Players

Player 4 Player continues to develop the support it provides to players in every aspect of their careers and lives to protect and prioritise their interests.

With that in mind, we added another verified and trusted Lifestyle Management Partner to increase the geographical area covered.

We would now like to announce our partnership with Autograph Lifestyle. They have extensive experience of helping football players with services such as concert bookings, holidays, property management and private events.

They particularly specialise in personal shopping with unrivalled access to luxury brands through a close relationship with high-end department store Selfridges. After building a strong understanding of a client’s personal tastes or according to requests, they can acquire exclusive and highly desirable items.

Their growing list of loyal clients in football has been built through word-of-mouth recommendations. One of those is England and Aston Villa star Jack Grealish who they recently organised a surprise 25th birthday for.

Player 4 Player Co-Founder Stiliyan Petrov commented on the partnership,

“Myself and many of my former teammates have used Autograph Lifestyle, so I know from many years of experience that they provide outstanding customer service. I am very happy we can now offer their services through Player 4 Player.”

Autograph Lifestyle Director John Paul McGuirk is clear on their purpose,

“Autograph was born after discovering a strong need to simplify lives. I myself love helping others and making sure they are doing things the right way when making lifestyle decisions.”
“I am extremely excited to be partnering with Player 4 Player after watching their thoughts become reality. It is extremely hard to find trust in the world of football, but I believe Player 4 Player will be able to do this with success.”
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