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Knowledge is Power

One of the key parts of Player 4 Player DNA group is Education.

All of us love to learn, and we are strong advocates of education. Whether that be just broadening your general knowledge or things that affect the world we live in we are committed to improving knowledge and skills.

At the heart of our service package is an under pinning of giving our clients the best information so they can make the best decisions for themselves.

The concept and idea behind Player 4 Player was actually developed while the founders were together on an educational course. Whilst studying on the UEFA MIP players see the other side of the game.

As the lads chatted about their experiences and issues they see in the game surrounding nurturing and protection of talent P4P was formed.

Michael Johnson, England U21 coach is our educational specialist. “Johnno” is one of the most qualified individuals in British football. He has committed a huge amount of his time post playing career to developing his skills for his future.

Many people tell me I am the most qualified guy in the game and I’m proud of that.

"I have worked hard academically but I have always wanted to improve even when I was playing. Getting into the right roles now is getting harder, so I want to have any and every advantage I can. I am really looking forward to passing on my experiences to other professionals who want to work with Player 4 Player. It’s an exciting time with many options"

To learn more about Johnno's approach read his feature in FC business magazine here

If any player is looking for advice on coaching or educational course options then Johnno is the go-to guy for the pathway options available.

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