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Peri Antoniou Signs For Player 4 Player

Player 4 Player is delighted to welcome Peri Antoniou to our executive team. He will support our services for players with a key focus on entrepreneurship, marketing, brand partnerships and the long-term strategy of the business.

Peri spent time at the FTSE100 multinational, Diageo, before launching his own business offering strategic consulting services to international brands as well as start-ups at various stages in their development.

In 2020 he was appointed Global Marketing Director for New York based start-up, NBTV Channels, and most recently became founding member of Renais Gin alongside actress and activist Emma Watson. His experience ranges from working with international corporations to small start-ups as well as high profile individuals such as actors, musicians and athletes.

Peri also has a background in football, having completed a Masters in Sports Coaching Sciences and worked for the likes of the Football Association of Wales, Cyprus Football Association, Cardiff City FC, Livingston FC and Manchester Futsal Club.

“Peri’s mix of experience across both football performance and business made him the perfect fit for what we need as an organisation and to further strengthen our offer to players. His track record of delivering results and his values makes him the ideal candidate. He will help us develop our strategic approach in supporting players maximise the benefits of their careers both during and after their playing days.” commented Stan Petrov, Player 4 Player’s CEO and Co-Founder.

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