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Player 4 Player Announce Lifestyle Management Partner

The demands on today’s elite players requires football to be a 24-hour job. Away from their preparations at the club’s training facilities or matchday commitments, they need to be conscious of their physical and psychological recuperation.

For this reason, it can be of huge benefit if they can trust someone else to take care of those day-to-day responsibilities. This is where our new Lifestyle Management Partner, Road3 Concierge, provides invaluable support. They have over 20 years of experience of discreetly providing high-profile football players and their families with a wide variety of services covering lifestyle, household and property management and includes; interior design, travel and holidays, relocations, personal shopping and household staff. Through their sister company, they possess the capabilities to organise events such as weddings, dinners, parties or birthday celebrations. Leaving these services in the hands of a professional, expert and caring team reduces the stress on players and their families whilst increasing the amount of free time they have to focus on the things most important to them. Player 4 Player co-founder Michael Johnson said,

“We are very happy about partnering with Road3 and have total confidence in recommending their services to players. They can help players get the most from their football careers and lives away from the pitch.”

Laura Wolfe, founder of Road3 and Road3 Concierge said,

“When I met the Player 4 Player team, I knew they would be the perfect industry partner for us. They have the welfare of their clients at their heart, which matches our own ethos for providing a caring, professional and discreet service to our clients and their families.”
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