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Player 4 Player to Promote Innovative Coaching Tool

Player 4 Player to Promote Innovative Coaching Tool

The world of coaching never stops evolving and digital technologies are now considered a crucial element in the toolbox of any modern high-level coach.

It is for this reason that Player 4 Player has teamed up with Globall Coach to offer an innovative and easy-to-use coaching tool. Their software allows coaches to get their tactical ideas and training session across quickly and in a visually stimulating manner.

This is crucial in today’s world where it is becoming more common to grow up used to seeing ideas presented in an attractive and engaging way. It has become essential to maintain your audience’s attention.

Globall Coach’s tool has many features, but one key element is the ability to produce market-leading animations that can be easily manipulated and linked to video clips. This can be used to highlight patterns of play, show tactical plans and illustrate training exercises.

Everything is stored in a database to save time managing squads, establishing a playing philosophy and accessing training drills. Anyone can be provided access offering a convenient and secure way to share information across the club.

It was originally created for Rafa Benitez but has since been used by clubs to win titles including the English Premier League, the Coppa Italia and the Europa League. Coaches have found it an essential aid for managing their work and getting their ideas across.

England U21 coach and Player 4 Player Co-Founder Michael Johnson said

“It is great to work with Globall Coach to offer this valuable and practical tool to coaches so they can be more effective and efficient. I have been thoroughly impressed with their product and would recommend it to any coach who wants to reach the highest level.”
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