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Putting Players in a Position to Succeed in Football & Life

By Doug Reed

Putting Players in a Position to Succeed in Football & Life

A life of a footballer has many challenges but too often they are suffering the consequences of bad choices that are avoidable with the right support.

Our own experiences and others’ stories led us to realise that there was a widespread lack of credible advice and guidance in the game that players could rely upon.

Having been in the same position, lived similar situations and made mistakes, we know how, where and why things can go wrong.

We formed Player 4 Player to use the lessons we’ve learnt the hard way to help other players make the right decisions that protect and promote their interests.

All Playing Careers End

Even the longest playing careers are relatively short. This makes it so important to maximise the opportunity and potential being a footballer offers.

And every professional playing career, with the associated focus and income it offers, will come to an end no matter how talented and fortunate you are.

For many it will happen before they make an appearance in the senior game but even for the most successful it won’t last more than a couple of decades, and it will all pass so quickly. A 40-year-old is likely still to be less than halfway through their life.

You can try to ignore the fact or promise to think about it later but that risks allowing the issue to snowball into a much less manageable problem in the future.

A Manageable Transition

Regardless of the amount of preparation beforehand, the transition from playing will be difficult and require a period of adaption.

Footballers become accustomed over time to the unique daily routine and environment of a player. It will naturally develop into an important part of your identity and how you view yourself. It is a profession that provides the excitement, camaraderie and direction.

But, if there is little or no preparation for what will replace those things lost on retirement, the void can be too vast to cope with.

It can be a shock to the system that leaves feelings of despair and a lack of purpose, identity and self-worth.

The result is stories and stats of former players struggles with addiction, mental health, finances, personal relationships and finding new challenges that are all too familiar. These not only impact the player but can hurt their family and friends as well.

A Unique Position to Support

At Player 4 Player we have either lived the problems or experienced our former teammates struggle with them. We know the serious damage they can cause and we are committed to minimising the risk of them occurring. The key to success is having the advice that means you take informed decisions during and after a career that are right for you.

Our mission is to provide current and former players with unrivalled expertise and trusted services to promote and protect their careers. This will help players utilise their hard-earned position and platform to have fulfilling and rewarding lives.

We do this through offering the expert advice we wish we could have had and that educates players on what they need to be looking for and the questions they should be asking. It is also through providing trusted services whether directly by us or through our trusted partners.

Where Help is Offered

The earlier a player gets the right advice and support, the better their future is likely to be. As every footballer knows, preparation is key.

We can advise during a career how best to achieve playing ambitions, what to look for when choosing an agent or recommend experts that can maximise and invest the financial returns from a career.

We help with preparation for a second career whether that is in the popular routes of coaching and media, the many other roles available in football such as Sporting Director or opportunities outside of the game.

Our trusted partners offer services in many areas where players might need help including with personal branding, legal disputes, charity work, hospitality and personal or property security.

We have lived what you are living and understand your needs, challenges and aspirations so if you feel we might be able we are here for you

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